Our 2020 Buying Guide: You Get a Gift! You Get a Gift! You Get a Gift! | TIS Ep. 29

Our 2020 Buying Guide: You Get a Gift! You Get a Gift! You Get a Gift! | TIS Ep. 29

Episode Summary:

The holidays are the sisters’ favorite time of year, and they’re getting closer and closer! Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means that the day after is Black Friday—aka the start of Shopping Season. One thing the sisters LOVE is choosing the perfect gifts for the special people in their lives. Join Sharon and Lisa as they share their top picks for gifts to give to the introverts (or tbh, anyone really) on your list. 

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5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “Introverts and holidays…it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship.”
  2. “During the holidays, introverts love spending quality time with their small circle of favorite people.”
  3. “There is no better gift than the presence of your favorite people.”
  4. “Gift giving, if it’s done right, says to someone: ‘I see you. I love you. You make my life better. I want to make you even happier than you already are.’ It’s a beautiful and loving thing to do.”
  5. “Pampering gifts are not just giving someone an experience, it’s also giving them the gift of permission to put themselves first. It’s giving them the gift of me time.” 

By The Numbers:

  • 1:02 – “Introverts Unite Separately” segment: The sisters catch up as usual, discussing Sharon’s anti-racism teaching and Lisa’s new job.
  • 6:21 – “In Our World” segment: It’s (almost) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Which means, among other things, finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. The sisters share their top gift picks for introverts.