About The Introvert Sisters

Hi, we’re Lisa (on the left) and Sharon (on the right), and together, we’re The Introvert Sisters. We really ARE sisters. Sharon is Big Sis, and Lisa is Little Sis.

On the Myers-Briggs scale, we both type as INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). On every other scale, we STILL type as introverts. Hence, the name of the show. We thought that a name that perfectly captured a central element of our personalities would be perfect for us.

Like many introverts, we often find the world to be a noisy, sometimes overwhelming place. We are constantly searching for an oasis of quiet so we can process our thoughts. We either write them out—or we talk!


About The Introvert Sisters Podcast

The Introvert Sisters podcast is a weekly show hosted and produced by Sharon Hurley Hall and Lisa Hurley, two INFJs with a lot to say. The show celebrates the amazingness of introverts and shares their relatable take on what it’s like to be two quiet girls in a noisy world. It is also a safe space where the sisters talk about broader issues that concern them as Black women.

Above all, we believe that:

  • Introversion is a superpower
  • All Black lives matter
  • Sisterhood is everything
  • Black girls rock
  • You don’t have to be extroverted to live your best life
  • Using your authentic voice, and amplifying the voices of others, matters

Enjoy the podcast!

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