Are We Getting More Introverted As We Age? | TIS Ep. 59

Episode Summary:

Are we getting older, are we becoming more introverted, or just more comfortable with our introversion? This week on The Introvert Sisters Podcast we discuss how our introversion has changed over the years, the experience of being introverted children, and more! Want to find out how being an introvert helps and hinders us at home and work? Grab a cozy blanket and get ready for another episode of The Introvert Sisters Podcast. 

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. On aging as an introvert:  “I don’t think that I have become more introverted, I think I have compromised less on the fact that I am introverted.” –Sharon Hurley Hall
  2.  On being an introverted child: “I think of myself as generally being a genuine and pretty authentic person. But when you think back to how it was perceived when we were children, there was always the idea that this was not the way that one behaved.” -Sharon Hurley Hall
  3. On how external factors affect introversion: “There are some things that changed about my brain and my personality that have never gone back to being the same. And one of them was I definitely noticed, I became a lot less able to mask.” -Lisa Hurley

5 Juicy Quotes:

    1. “[On Zoom] people don’t have those body language cues and other cues that we rely on. And so you really have to put on a full Broadway performance.” -Lisa Hurley 
    2. “There was definitely a phase even after I realized that I was an introvert, where I realized there are certain things that one has to do in the workplace relating to other people.” -Sharon Hurley Hall
    3.  “I am leaving work. I do not want to hang out with you all after. Love you byeee.” –Lisa Hurley
  • “When you’re a junior colleague, and they tell you to turn up for things, you turn up for things. No matter how you personally might feel about it, no matter how exhausted you are afterwards.” -Sharon Hurley Hall
  1. “We’re people pleasers, and you want to make people happy and make other people feel comfortable, but who has really made me feel comfortable, though? Lisa Hurley


By The Numbers:

    • 1:07 – Learning about introversion.
    • 4:17 – Are we getting more introverted as we age?
    • 7:15 – Masking and intersectionality.
  • 10:07 – Telling people you’re introverted.
  • 12:55 – Introversion self-care.
  • 15:15 – Lisa shares how her accident made her more introverted
  • 17:56 – The importance of work/life balance.