Are You “Textroverted”? | TIS Ep. 46

Are You “Textroverted”? | TIS Ep. 46

Episode Summary:

In the ongoing struggle to be understood in a world that is built for extroverts, many introverts choose to become “textroverted.” What is textroversion? It’s appearing extroverted (excited, happy, upbeat, peppy) in written communications like emails, texts, and DMs. The sisters discuss whether they are textroverted, and provide tips for how to weave textroversion into your communication style. Plus, in their “Introverts Unite Separately” segment, Sharon and Lisa chat about the second summer of Covid, whether they should both do a doctorate, and how to cope with the return to office. 
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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Textroversion is a tool: “Textroversion works, because it can be hard to convey emotions and reactions in plain text; sometimes the unvarnished message can come across like you are not interested, don’t care, or feel angry.”
  2. Emojis are necessary: “Emojis have become part of the international lexicon. Your communication is not as nuanced without them.”
  3. Good communication matters: “It’s about communicating effectively and smoothly. If that means a couple of exclamation points and some extra emojis, then so be it.”

5 Juicy Quotes: 

  1. “A lot of introverts fake extroversion in text messages and emails. That’s textroversion.”
  2. “Textroversion is linguistic enthusiasm. Exclamation points and emojis are our friends.”
  3. “Emojis add nuance and layers of meaning. Using emojis is part of good remote communication.”
  4. “Emojis often substitute for body language.”
  5. “Emojis are a key tool in textroversion.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:50 – Introverts Uniting Separately segment: Sharon and Lisa discuss the 2nd Covid summer (how?!), how curfews affect introverts, and Lisa’s attempts to get a backdrop that works for Zoom calls. Who knew it would be so hard, lol. 
  • 16:25 – In Our World segment: The sisters share their views about “textroversion.”