B*tch I Got 3 Degrees! | TIS E. 49

B*tch I Got 3 Degrees! | TIS E. 49

Episode Summary:

Season 4 is starting out hot! The sisters are joined by Stacey Alvarez de la Campa, who spills tea and snatches edges all episode long. To any Black woman who has ever been mansplained, condescended to, or moved from pet to threat: this show’s for you. From low expectations, and subtle shade, to constant microaggressions, Sharon, Lisa, and Stacey share tales from the trenches of the corporate plantation, and provide tips on how to survive.

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. On education: “As Black women, and Black Caribbean women, a certain amount of education is expected and encouraged.”
  2. On expectations: “As Black people we are expected to do more and work harder.”
  3. On the corporate plantation: “It’s like slavery. You are meant to be a cog in a machine and produce for massa.”

5 Juicy Quotes: 

  1. “I expect you to respect my degrees.”
  2. “There is always that moment when you realize that this person does not see me the way I see myself, in terms of my magnificence.”
  3.  “ ‘You’re so articulate.’ means that they don’t expect Black people to be articulate. It is meant to be a compliment, but it is complete shade.”
  4. “There is always a point when you need to decide that it’s time to start planning your exit.”
  5. “They do not want you to shine, or break out of the box.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:31 – The sisters introduce their first guest of the season: Stacey Alvarez de la Campa.
  • 3:02 – Sharon and Stacey explain how the episode title “B*tch I Have 3 Degrees” came about.