Celebrating Our Wins: Why It’s Important | TISOT 13

Celebrating Our Wins: Why It’s Important | TISOT 13

Episode Summary:

Doing the work is important, but so is giving yourself some flowers for what you have accomplished. In this Off-Topic episode, the sisters celebrate each other’s glow up, which has been all too real over the past year and a half. Plus, Sharon and Lisa have joined a new, black-owned social media platform called Linked Inclusion™, and they are loving it. Listen in to learn more about it, and to find out how you can join.

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. On celebrating one’s wins: “Take a moment to celebrate yourself, to celebrate your work, your resilience, that you are being seen, that you are making a difference. Celebrate the fact that you are being celebrated.”
  2. On building your own table: “We (marginalized communities) now have our own table. It’s called Linked Inclusion™.”
  3. On living your best life: “Black women are deserving of care, comfort, and luxury.”

5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “It is important to recognize the progress that we have made…to take a step back every now and then and appreciate the journey.”
  2. “Linked Inclusion™ is the most welcoming space. It is so positive. It’s not about tearing down people. It’s about supporting them.”
  3. “Linked Inclusion™ is so unremittingly positive. I’ll tell you what has NOT happened on that platform. I have not been trolled. I have not been shadowbanned. I have not heard all the whataboutery.”
  4. “The goal is to effect change by influencing people to think about issues in a different way.”
  5. “Nowhere in the rule book does it say that you have to deplete yourself in order to do this work. Nowhere does it say that activists can’t thrive.”

By The Numbers: