Rest in Power, Black Panther: Celebrating and Mourning Chadwick Boseman | TIS Ep. 22

Rest in Power, Black Panther: Celebrating and Mourning Chadwick Boseman | TIS Ep. 22

Episode Summary:

Chadwick Boseman’s death sent people around the world into a tailspin of grief. Especially Black people. It feels as if OUR king was taken too soon. Tune in as Sharon and Lisa talk through their feelings about his untimely passing, explain why so many of us are grieving someone we never actually met, and discuss the legacy of the Black Panther.
Chadwick Boseman
Plus: Rest is part of the revolution. The sisters have been doing A LOT, especially in the realm of anti-racism writing. It’s energizing and fulfilling, but also exhausting. Listen in to hear what they’ve been up to, and why they’re prioritizing rest and self-care

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Representation matters: “Chadwick Boseman was someone that our children and grandchildren could look at and say ‘Oh! I could be a superhero too.’”
  2. Controlling your narrative matters: “He overturned the narrative that is common about Black people, and about Black men in particular. Let us never forget that our ancestors were kings and queens. We were not slaves. We were enslaved.”
  3. Legacy matters: “For your next Black History class, just watch all the movies that Chadwick Boseman did.”

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5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “Chadwick Boseman’s death felt like losing a much-beloved King.”
  2. “He did some of his strongest work at the time when he was going through his greatest suffering.”
  3. “If you don’t see what is possible, you can’t even dream that big…Black Panther helped open up a whole new world of possibilities.”
  4. “An icon is gone.”
  5. “Another thing (we) learned from Chadwick Boseman is to choose your circle wisely.”

By The Numbers:

  • 1:20 – “Introverts Unite Separately” segment: Rest is part of the revolution. Hear how the sisters have been coping with the overwhelm and prioritizing self-care. 
  • 15:20 – “In Our World” segment: Sharon and Lisa process the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman, aka The Black Panther.
  • 30:59 – The sisters discuss Chadwick Boseman’s legacy.


Sharon’s tribute to Chadwick Boseman

Lisa’s tribute to Chadwick Boseman

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