Corona Chronicles: Do You Have a “Pandemic Project?” | TIS Ep. 6

Corona Chronicles: Do You Have a “Pandemic Project?” | TIS Ep. 6

Episode Summary:

Like so many others, Sharon and Lisa are trying to stay busy and focused during lockdown, so that the time doesn’t just drift away. Sure, Netflix and naptime are on the list, but they’ve also both started “pandemic projects,” and prioritized activities that had previously been on the back burner. It’s all about balance. Plus: Have you already started to imagine post-pandemic life? The sisters have. Listen in as they share their bucket lists of what they are most looking forward to when the lockdown is lifted.

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By The Numbers:

5:30 – Do you have a “pandemic project?”

6:26 – Lisa shares what she’s working on during lockdown.

10:07 – Sharon shares her list of quarantine projects.

16:18 – The sisters share what they hope life will be like after the pandemic.

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Do You Have a “Pandemic Project?” – Quotes:

“You don’t have to go into production overdrive, but if the spirit moves you, feel free to implement your idea.”

“(During this time) reading has been even more of a solace.”

“I’m doing whatever is needed to keep me fit. And what’s helping is that the snacks ran out some time back.”

“I’m a vegan and I don’t even eat chia chips. I applaud you.”

“I am staying focused on the positive, and keeping the thought in my mind that this too shall pass. Life will never be the same, but a new normal shall be achieved.”

“I am looking forward to leaving my yard…and seeing something other than the boundaries of my house.”

“I’m an introvert. I love spending time at home. But I am looking forward to having the choice of whether to be in or out.”

“The uncertainty is extremely stressful.”

“I want to go to all the fabulous places that I’ve never been to.”

“I’m looking forward to the feeling of tension in the world finally lifting.”

“I’m looking forward to people being able to interact in a more normal way.”

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