Corona Chronicles: You Are Not Alone – Everybody is Stressed by the Pandemic | TIS Ep. 5

Corona Chronicles: You Are Not Alone – Everybody is Stressed by the Pandemic | TIS Ep. 5

Episode Summary:

How are you feeling, really, about this pandemic situation? And how is everybody else feeling? The sisters have answers. Sharon shares insights from a study that analyzed people’s social media activity. The key takeaway? People feel stressed, bored, and stuck (no surprises there), but are also taking time to be more kind to others. Plus: The sisters catch up on how they’ve each been handling the pandemic. From finances to TP things are looking grim! (Why, why, why, have people hoarded all the toilet paper?!) Listen in for the full details.

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By The Numbers:

3:34 – Sharon shares the findings from Towards Data Science about what people are doing – and how they are feeling – during the pandemic.

8:42 – The sisters dedicate the episode to their mom, since they won’t be able to celebrate her birthday as they had planned to.

8:57 – How people are chronicling their coronavirus experiences on Twitter.

12:58 – In the U.S. do people trust Congress?

14:06 – How far can those $USD 1200.00 stimulus checks really stretch?

17:18 – Introvert pet peeves.

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Everybody is Stressed by the Pandemic – Quotes:

“There are more good people than bad in the world, and there are more caring, loving people than not in the world.”

“We see you. You are loved. We care about you. We are here for you.”

“The science found that people tweeted more positive words than negative ones.”

“I don’t know when I will have a job again. And that’s huge.”

“Not everybody deals with isolation well.”

“Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, the uncertainty is still going to be difficult.”

“Where else can I go? What else can I do? What else is there?”

“The distrust comes from that feeling of abandonment; feeling like the country, and Congress, and all the people in charge are actually not helping as much as they should.”

“If you ever thought that arts funding was wasted, now you know it’s not. Because (art) is what is keeping people sane.”

“Creatives: ARISE!”

“All the creatives and artists are there supporting, helping, inspiring … keeping us sane, keeping us happy, keeping us entertained. Keeping us focused on the positive. And it is a joy to see.”

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