Corona Chronicles: Is Social Distancing Easier for Introverts? | TIS Ep. 1

Corona Chronicles: Is Social Distancing Easier for Introverts? | TIS Ep. 1

Episode Summary:

The Coronavirus pandemic is in full effect — and so is social distancing. And extroverts around the world are struggling with self-isolation. Introverts, not so much. Most introverts that we know are upset (naturally) about the health scare, but glad that the planet is on silent mode. Sharon and Lisa talk about whether social distancing is easier for them because they’re introverted, and how they’re dealing with the new normal. Plus, the sisters have questions: Why are people hoarding toilet paper? Are people staying 6 feet away? Is it possible to clean everything?? Will the job market return to normal? Tune in for our inaugural episode!

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downturn opportunities
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By The Numbers:

:39 – Why would 2 introverts (people who supposedly don’t like talking) launch a podcast?

2:32 – What our listeners can expect

3:45 – Where does INFJ come from? (Myers Briggs Type Indicator/MBTI)

4:13 – Overview of podcast segment names, which are based on our MBTI type of INFJ. segments are:

  • I – In Our World (What it’s like to be an introvert in an extroverted world.)
  • N – New & Notable
  • F – Freedom from Noise (How to make your world quieter and calmer.)
  • J – Just Venting (Introvert pet peeves.)

5:00 – Is Social Distancing Easier for Introverts?

9:40 – How one retailer is handling social distancing within their outlets.

11:45 – What’s with the hoarding of the toilet paper?

14:57 – From isolation to job loss and more, how to deal with pandemic-related stress.


Is Social Distancing Easier for Introverts? – Quotes:

“Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not just skulking in a corner unable to face the world. We notice everything, and we have opinions on everything.”

“It’s fine to mostly want to stay inside, but to be told that you can’t go out puts it in a different context.”

“When you have a tiled floor and you know the measurement of the tiles, it’s very easy to identify how far 6 feet is.”

“People can be hard work.”

“Even in the midst of downturns, there are opportunities.”

people hard work


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4 comments on “Corona Chronicles: Is Social Distancing Easier for Introverts? | TIS Ep. 1

  1. Hi Sharon and Lisa!

    I love the fact that you have the time to bring a dream to life.
    Be sure to have fun!



    1. The Introvert Sisters says:

      Thank you. Mitch! We certainly will. 🙂

  2. Vernessa Taylor says:

    Wow, Sharon and Lisa, I got excited when I received the note about you starting a podcast focused on introverts. Congrats, kudos and enthusiastic hand-clapping!

    Just listening to your Ep. 1 and have the the next two cued up in my podcast app. Thoroughly enjoying your back and forth. I talk to my sister every few days (some weeks every day) so I totally get the vibe you ladies share.

    Keep ’em coming!

    1. The Introvert Sisters says:

      Hey Vernessa, so nice to see you here. So glad you enjoyed Episode 1. 🙂 Thanks so much for listening.

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