Corona Chronicles: Is Toxic Positivity Making Self-isolation Hard? | TIS Ep. 4

Corona Chronicles: Is Toxic Positivity Making Self-isolation Hard? | TIS Ep. 4

Episode Summary:

We’re in the midst of a global health scare, and some segments of the population seem to be in denial. It feels like they’re insisting that we all stay “positive.”

Smiling, cheerful and upbeat at all times, despite growing mortality numbers, and frankly, the fear that we might be personally affected by Covid-19. The sisters cry foul, and say no to toxic positivity. Plus: The pandemic has caused pandemonium on so many levels. Physically, logistically, and – of course – emotionally. A lot of people are dealing with information overload and struggling with feelings of overwhelm. Listen in as the sisters provide tips for making it all more manageable.

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By The Numbers:

5:48 – Tips for managing the information overload.

6:00 – Get your news from a reputable source.

7:13 – Limit your exposure to the news.

9:30 – Sharon talks about the beauty of the “mute notifications” button.

11:51 – Why “Snooze for 30 days” is your friend.

14:29 – What is toxic positivity.

17:18 – Tips for coping with toxic positivity.

20:24 – How gratitude can help keep you grounded.

21:07 – The sisters share what they’re grateful for right now.

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Is Toxic Positivity Making Self-isolation Hard?Quotes:

“I’m just trying to maintain sanity and occupy my time.”

“Nowadays, it’s not just introverts that are struggling with information overload. Everybody is.”

“You want to be informed, but there’ just too much (information)”

“The feeling is: ‘What bad news are they going to tell us now.’”

“At least the person leading your press conferences has a relationship with science and facts.”

“The information overload and sensory overload that we’re going through in this time could potentially become a mental health issue.”

“Speaking of credible sources, you can’t get more credible than the World Health Organization itself.”

“I’ve been doing some digital decluttering, and it feels almost as good as decluttering your home.”

“Try to avoid judging how anybody else manages their process.”

“Hopefully we can all come out of this as calm and sane as possible.”

“I am rejecting the dogma of constant positivity.”

“Remember that faith without works is dead. So pray…and sanitize. Pray…and wear your face mask. Pray…and socially distance.”

“Fear is normal. Panic is normal. Anxiety is normal. Everybody’s future is up in the air.”

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