Don’t be a Lazy Anti-Racist: Stop Performing Allyship and #Dothework: . | TIS Ep. 16

Don’t be a Lazy Anti-Racist: Stop Performing Allyship and #Dothework: . | TIS Ep. 16

Episode Summary:

In the first episode of Season 2, the sisters catch up on what’s been happening since the break. And it’s a lot. Lisa has some big news, Sharon is making professional strides, and they both are both more committed than ever to fighting racism. Up for discussion: how their summer is going (hint: it’s not, lol), and how life has changed since the beginning of what is effectively the 2020 #blacklivesmatter revolution. Covering everything from wfh life, to the ongoing pandemic, to diversity, to the distraction of performative allyship (yes, Nancy Pelosi et al really did kneel down while draped in kente cloth), the conversation just keeps flowing. Plus, Lisa explains why in the midst of it all she is prioritizing self-care. 

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Stay safe. The pandemic isn’t over.: “I’m still not ready to be in spaces filled with crowds of people that I do not know.”
  2. Stay focused. Continue to #dothework.: “This is a ‘Seize the Moment’ moment. People are listening, so now is the time to write, and share, and do what you can.”
  3. Say ‘No’ to performative allyship.: “If the only Black person in your company is your Diversity Officer, you still have work to do.”

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5 Juicy Quotes:

  1. “The removal of racist statues and symbols is all very well and good, but we must do the actual work of dismantling white supremacy.”
  2. “The brutal murder of George Floyd became an impetus to change the world.”
  3. “The Karens of this world are constantly criminalizing Black people who are minding their own business.”
  4. “Black voices have been and are being amplified on a global scale, and also on an individual level.”
  5. “People don’t like to talk about segregation and apartheid, but they are still real and alive. Blacks and Whites still live very separate lives.”

By The Numbers:

  • 1:54 – “Introverts Unite Separately” segment: The sisters catch up on what’s been going on in their lives since Season 1.
  • 7:24 – “In Our World” segment: Sharon and Lisa discuss how their content and friendships have changed since the resurgence of interest in #blacklivesmatter.
  • 15:28 – A brief explanation of the #defundthepolice movement
  • 23:07 – The sisters talk about how they’ve been using social media to focus on Black issues.