Welcome to the Equaliversity with guest Lea Jovy-Ford |TIS Ep. 61

Episode Summary

Big visions come in introverted packages, as our guest Lea Jovy-Ford shows. Join Sharon and Lisa as they find out how Lea “accidentally” became the leading voice in the Location Independent movement, has created several successful startups, and is now working on her mission for life: creating an equal world for all through Diverse Leaders Group and the Equaliversity.

The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript click below.

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5 Big Takeaways

  1. On discovering introversion: “[Knowing I was an introvert] made it okay for me to be a certain way and for me to be able to identify and meet my own needs.” – Lea Jovy-Ford
  2. On setting boundaries: “Having strong boundaries with my children is another thing that has made a big difference. So I’m very clear to them that if I need time and space, that I need time and space, and I’ll explain to them why” – Lea Jovy-Ford
  3. On being people-first: “If people aren’t on good form, they can’t work and I wouldn’t ever want to or expect them to do. So it just makes logical sense to have an environment where the focus and the priority is on people first, you know, literally humans being as well as they can be.”  – Lea Jovy-Ford
  4. On making an impact: “When you see how much money is spent doing stuff that really doesn’t matter, it kind of has an impact. And I just thought, that’s not how I want to spend my life.  – Lea Jovy-Ford
  5. On building differently: “Because the whole purpose of Diverse Leaders Group, the purpose of the way that we want to build the company, as is as a prototype of how do we do this differently if we’re starting from scratch with a blank canvas, and we want to build equality all the way through?” – Lea Jovy-Ford

5 Juicy Quotes

  • “I do little tiny practices of self care every morning.” – Lea Jovy-Ford
  • “You stick your head above the parapet, and you know the danger is that it gets chopped off. That’s why most introverts don’t ever want to stick their head above the parapet. – Lea Jovy-Ford
  • “Diverse Leaders Group is about working towards equality for everybody and tackling all of the isms, all of the discrimination but doing it in a very different way and using technology to do it.” – Lea Jovy-Ford
  • “There’s a collective goal. And if the collective goal is equality, there’s a tension between how we achieve that as a collective, but what it comes down to  is individual responsibility and change at the individual level.” – Lea Jovy-Ford
  • “I always say I am textroverted – textroverted, but introverted.” – Lisa Hurley

By the Numbers

  • 01:26: Lea talks about the impact of discovering she was introverted
  • 04:09: Lea shares some of the ways she carves out space to honor her introversion in a family of 6
  • 06:11: How the location independent movement started “by accident”
  • 07:57: The challenge of being visible as an introvert
  • 13:17: Lea shares one of her core values
  • 15:35: Unlocking your potential and brain power
  • 18:17: Solving for equality with Diverse Leaders Group
  • 20:11: Why equality makes sense
  • 21:26: Lea turns the tables on Sharon, lol