“Indian Matchmaking” Part 2: Why We Have a Love/Hate Relationship With The Show | TIS Ep. 39

“Indian Matchmaking” Part 2: Why We Have a Love/Hate Relationship With The Show | TIS Ep. 39

Episode Summary:

**Spoiler alert** Details of the Netflix series Indian Matchmaking are discussed in this episode.

The sisters are back with the continuation of their reaction to their favorite guilty-pleasure series, Indian Matchmaking. From Aparna’s hatred of comedy and love of the Bolivian salt flats, to the stigma attached to Nadia being Guyanese-Indian, to super-rich Pradhyuman’s refusal to compromise, Episode 2 is reality TV gold. Watch episode 2 on Netflix, and then join Sharon and Lisa as they react to it. (For their reaction to the first episode of the series, listen to Episode 32!)

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5 Big Takeaways:

  1. On Clarity: “You have to have crystal clarity about what your wants and needs are and what your deal breakers are, and mix that clarity with the ability to compromise.”
  2. On Dealbreakers: “Sometimes you don’t know what your deal breakers are until you come across them…but the more you interrogate yourself about what really matters to you, the better your chances are of making a successful match.”
  3. On Baggage: “Everyone has baggage. You need to figure out if it is baggage that you can deal with.”
  4. On Matching: “Matching on paper is one thing, and actually feeling chemistry in real life is another.”
  5. On Marriage: “It is naïve to think that you’re just marrying an individual. You’re marrying them, and their past, and their family, and their trauma.”

5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “Chemistry is important.”
  2. “You might have friends who drink (for example) and it might not be a big deal for you. But it’s a whole different thing when it comes to a partner.”
  3. “Be clear about your must-haves, and be able to compromise on your nice-to-haves.”
  4. “In many Western cultures, the individuals are the people most concerned about the marriage. In this culture, it’s an arrangement between two families. The families are very involved in vetting the brides and grooms. If you don’t pass that family test, you’re done for.”
  5. “You have to think of the character traits more than the externals.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:29 – Sharon and Lisa explain how they first got into Indian Matchmaking, and why they now love the show so much.
  • 1:21 – A bit of background on the series.
  • 2:24 – Indian Matchmaking Episode 2 review begins.