“Indian Matchmaking”: Why We Have a Love/Hate Relationship With The Show | TIS Ep. 32

“Indian Matchmaking”: Why We Have a Love/Hate Relationship With The Show | TIS Ep. 32

Episode Summary:

**Spoiler alert** Details of the Netflix series Indian Matchmaking are discussed in this episode.

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is a few days away and the global marketing machine is in full swing. Retailers and advertisers are spending billions trying to convince people that all they need for an epic romance are some flowers, chocolates, and diamonds. And all that is nice, but…then there’s reality. And reality in this case takes the form of the semi-controversial Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. It turns the much hyped Hollywood “meet cute” on its head in favor of discussions about arranged marriage, “biodata”, fair skin, family compatibility, and appropriate height (yes; somehow that’s a thing). Join Sharon and Lisa as they react to episode 1 of the series.

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4 Big Takeaways:

  1. On Marriage: “In Indian culture there are “marriages” and then there are “love marriages.” They don’t actually call them arranged marriages in India.”
  2. On Matchmaking: “Matchmaking seems like a cross between a social worker sizing up a couple for a potential adoption, and a realtor sizing up a house.”
  3. On Clarity: “If two families have hired a matchmaker, you already know that marriage is the end game.”
  4. On Choice: “You often think of arranged marriages as marriages where the women have no choice. But there’s still the opportunity to duck out if it’s not looking good.”

5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “It’s not wrong to have standards. It’s not wrong to know what doesn’t work for you.”
  2. “Marriage as an institution started out as a contractual exercise. It was like extreme networking.”
  3. “There’s a lot of sense in having potential matches vetted properly.”
  4. “Maybe people do need a bit of guidance when it comes to love.”
  5. “One way or the other, when it comes to marriage, choose well.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:35 – Lisa explains how she first got into Indian Matchmaking, and why she now loves the show so much.
  • 2:53 – Indian Matchmaking Episode 1 review begins.


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