Are Introversion and Shyness the Same Thing? | TIS Ep. 12

Are Introversion and Shyness the Same Thing? | TIS Ep. 12

Episode Summary:

How do you know if you’re shy, introverted, or maybe a bit of both? Listen in as the sisters break down for you why it matters, and how you can tell the difference. Plus: are you struggling as an introvert in an extroverted workplace? Sharon and Lisa give you tips for how to make it all a little easier.

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By The Numbers:

1:19 – Sharon discusses how she was assessed as a child.

2:15 – Lisa talks about how people weren’t sure if she was introverted or extroverted.

4:00 – How Sharon’s job helped her master her shyness.

5:40 – Is there a difference between introversion and shyness?

6:61 – Carl Jung’s analysis of shyness vs. introversion.

15:22 – Tips for navigating the workplace as an introvert.

19:56 – The book that helped Lisa feel more understood as an introvert.

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Are Introversion and Shyness the Same Thing? – Quotes:

“Social norms must be observed, or a cut-a$$ will be served.” #growingupcaribbean

“Back in the day nobody talked about being introverted.”

“It’s only in the last 10 years that I have realized that (introverted) is what I am.”

“An introvert orients their energy toward their inner world.”

“The opposite of shy is outgoing, while the opposite of introversion is extroversion.”

“Too many social activities close to each other flatten me.”

“The constant press of humanity can be a little exhausting.”

“As an introvert, it is a useful skill to know when to interject and participate (in meetings) so that you’re not overlooked.”

“I find it very hard to muster faux-enthusiasm.”

“I have to put my extroverted mask on just to navigate the world.”

“Two great accoutrements for an introvert are headphones and a book.”

“The first time I typed as an INFJ…all of a sudden I had a language to describe my personality and my approach.”

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