Introverted, Caribbean, and Black | TIS E. 53

Episode Summary:

Diaspora unite! Big tings a gwan!! In their second special-guest episode of the season, the sisters chat up a storm with Kimberley John-Morgan (aka “Salt”), and James Pogson (aka “Pepper”)! The four confirmed introverts unite separately to talk about their quiet personality type, their loud, well-seasoned writing, and how their Caribbean roots inform everything they do. Leh we go!

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The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript click below.

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10 Big Takeaways:

  1. On intersectionality: “Being Black, Caribbean, and introverted: I am all of them. I embrace all of them.” – Kimberley John-Morgan
  2. On freedom: “I have been able to liberate myself more since…I started working for myself, because there isn’t that need to keep white spaces happy.” – Kimberley John-Morgan
  3. On limitations: “At school, I wasn’t allowed to be smart.”  – Kimberley John-Morgan
  4. On identity: “You’re in a country where you’re called the “N” word, “Colored,” sometimes Black, never English. I don’t recall ever being called British.” – James Pogson
  5. On safe spaces: “In a majority-white space, when they say “speak your truth,” I think: ‘This is a trap.’” – James Pogson
  6. On internal dialog: You have to master the art of the silent steupse.” – James Pogson
  7. On belonging: “Being born in a country and having the passport does not make you belong to it.” – Sharon Hurley Hall
  8. On agency: “Part of the reason for having my own newsletter is that I don’t have to go through gatekeepers.” – Sharon Hurley Hall
  9. On censorship: “I know how it feels to self-censor, and it is a little death every time.” – Lisa Hurley
  10. On well-seasoned content:“If Kimberley is “Salt,” James is “Peppah!” – Lisa Hurley

5 Juicy Quotes: 

  1. “If we don’t self-censor, we will be censored.” – Kimberley John-Morgan
  2. “Being introverted in the workplace is seen as a threat.” – Kimberley John-Morgan
  3. “I’ve been to St. Kitts 7 times, and it’s the only time I’m ever called an Englishman. I’ve never been called an Englishman in England.” – James Pogson
  4. “As Black people, we self censor so much. White people, in my experience, don’t.” – James Pogson
  5. “Identity has always been an issue for me, because I have never actually felt that I belong anywhere that I’ve been.” – Sharon Hurley Hall

By The Numbers:

  • 0:50 – Sharon introduces Kimberley John-Moran
  • 1:25 – Lisa introduces James Pogson
  • 2:36 – Kimberley shares about her Caribbean heritage
  • 4:43 – James shares about his Caribbean heritage
  • 6:09 – The sisters share their Caribbean heritage
  • 29:44 – The 4 introverts talk about code-switching their accents
  • 42:10 – The group discusses censorship
  • 48:25 – Growing up Caribbean and introverted