Introverting while Black: It’s a Struggle | TIS Ep. 10

Introverting while Black: It’s a Struggle | TIS Ep. 10

Episode Summary:

We already know that society makes it hard for black women to be great. And if you’re a woman of color and an introvert, there’s even less acceptance, and more pressure to conform. Join the sisters as they talk about how they deal with the struggle of being two quiet girls in a world that expects them to be loud and entertaining. Plus: Sharon and Lisa are getting ready to launch a new phase of the show—The Introvert Sisters podcast is going to be on YouTube! Listen in as the sisters talk about why doing video is both satisfying and terrifying.

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By The Numbers:

0:40 – The sisters discuss how the podcast is going, and how moving the podcast from audio-only to video is scary but necessary. 

1:41 – Find out why Trevor Noah, of The Daily Show fame, is every introvert. (Hint: he’s enjoying lockdown.)

3:33 – Are black people “allowed” to be introverts?

10:14 – 3 black introverts who changed the world.

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Introverting while Black: It’s a Struggle – Quotes:

“Part of life is getting outside of your comfort zone.”

“Every now and then I have felt the need for some fresh air…but not enough to make me actually want to venture outside.”

“I don’t miss people.” 

“For the first time in our lives, there’s very little pressure to be sociable.” 

“Black women tend to have to fit into a stereotype. It is expected that we are loud, bodacious, and loquacious…or that we’re the angry black woman.”

“There’s that whole stereotype of what it is to be a black person and what it is to be a black woman, and I don’t necessarily fit that stereotype.”

“Part of what we’re doing with this show is shedding some light on the diversity within the diaspora. We are not a monolith.”

“Let us be great. Let us be us.”

“Look at the difference that Rosa Parks made simply by sitting and resting in her power.” 

“Sometimes sitting tight is brave.”

“Introversion is not about being shy; it’s not about lacking confidence. It’s about what gives you energy and what drains you.”

“Introverts can be excellent leaders.”

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