Introverts and Personality Tests: Why We Love Them | TIS E. 55

Episode Summary:

Have you ever taken a personality test? We have, and spoiler alert: we can’t get enough! This week we talk about the ins and outs of taking personality tests. Are they reliable? Were they even built for people as complex and amazing as the Introvert Sisters? Dive into the world of INFJs, personality tests, and how they can be used for and against us, on this week’s episode of your favorite podcast. 

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The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript click below.

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. On representation:  “All of a sudden, there was a word for what I was… There was language.” –Sharon Hurley Hall
  2. Why we like personality tests: “Helping me to understand why I was more drained around some people than others.” -Lisa Hurley
  3. Do we find them reliable?: “[personality tests] are reliable because for me, my results come up consistent every single time.” -Lisa Hurley

5 Juicy Quotes: 

  1. “You know, [personality tests] were developed by pale, stale, males, as I like to call them…they didn’t necessarily take into account the fullness of people like you and me.” –Sharon Hurley Hall
  2. Part of it for me, is also a little bit of entertainment. I find them so entertaining. -Lisa Hurley
  3. “The fact that I’m now using [a personality test], even though it was not intended for me, is a whole other story.” -Sharon Hurley Hall
  4. “White supremacy is the water, not the shark.” -Lisa Hurley
  5. “Would I like to see us move to a time where we have personality tests that reflect the great diversity of our world, that are based on global majority perspectives? Absolutely.” -Sharon Hurley Hall

By The Numbers:

  • 0:58 – How it all began.
  • 3:25 – Why we like personality tests.  
  • 7:03 – Are personality tests reliable?
  • 12:05 – Are personality tests racist?
  • 16:16 – How personality tests can be used against you.
  • 21:05 – Why you should have introverted friends.