What If Introverts Treated Extroverts The Way They Treat Us? | TIS Ep. 40

What If Introverts Treated Extroverts The Way They Treat Us? | TIS Ep. 40

Episode Summary:

“Why are you so quiet?” “Are you upset?” “You need to come out of your shell.” “You should speak up more.” Every introvert has heard phrases like these over and over, and to be honest, it gets irritating. It can be difficult moving through life knowing that just by dint of how you exist, people consider you to be deficient, and that you need to be “fixed.” In this episode, the sisters turn the tables. They flip these questions and statements that extroverts direct towards introverts, in the hope that some behavioral mirroring will show extroverts just how messed up, judgmental, unhelpful, and unnecessary these kinds of words can be.

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. On “Why don’t you come out of your shell?”: “Introverts love their “shells” as much as extroverts love not having a shell.”
  2. On “Why don’t you speak up more?”: “Introverts are thinkers and planners. Just because we’re not speaking doesn’t mean that we’re not paying attention.”
  3. On “Why are you so quiet?”: “Introverts should not be penalized for not being the loudest person on the team.”

5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “Introverts feel attacked just for existing quietly. We want to be free to be our authentic selves.”
  2. “It feels like every introvert is guilty of having RBF. As introverts, when you’re just being quiet, people think you’re upset or annoyed.”
  3. “If you had a team where everybody was thinking and nobody was doing you wouldn’t get very much achieved.”
  4. “Stop making introverts feel deficient for simply being who they are.”
  5. “Introverts tend to prefer deep conversation vs. small talk.”

By The Numbers:

  • 1:46 – Introverts Uniting Separately segment: The sisters catch up, sharing their latest appearances, projects, and anti-racism work. 
  • 5:30 – In Our World segment: Sharon and Lisa discuss “What if introverts said the kinds of messed up things to extroverts that they say to us?”