It’s Black Introvert Week UK! With guests Richard Etienne and Jeri Bingham | TIS Ep. 65

Episode Summary

What happens when four introverts unite? Believe it or not, lots of fun and laughter! Join Sharon and Lisa as they chop it up with Richard Etienne, founder of Black Introvert Week UK, and Jeri Bingham, founder of Black Introvert Week. The 4 introverts collab to kick off Black Introvert Week UK, discuss the ins and outs of their favourite personality type, and share why – and how – they celebrate their introversion.

The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript click below.

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9 Juicy Quotes

  1. It wasn’t until I was older that I heard the word introvert. I worked at an ad agency where they had the Myers Briggs and…it was life changing for me, because I understood my differences. I understood my strengths. – Jeri Bingham
  2. Currently the education system, especially in the UK, is a one size fits all. And this doesn’t work for different personality types – Richard Etienne
  3. We introverts are very observant, and we’re the best listeners. – Jeri Bingham
  4. 1/3 of Britons identify as introverts. And so if you think about the Black population in the UK, that’s 1 million potential, you know, Black introverts – Richard Etienne
  5. Black Introvert Week in the UK definitely is about educating teachers and employers on how to recognize and nurture the talents of Black introverts and to raise awareness of the value that Black introverts bring from the classroom to the boardroom – Richard Etienne
  6. This is a tip for any introverted leader: get your big wins in first. – Jeri Bingham
  7. We walk into an environment where we’re already, you know, not on a level playing field. And so we have to work a little harder, in my opinion, to prove that we belong there. And once we do it quickly, we’re okay. – Jeri Bingham
  8. The best way is to lead from in front and volunteer first instead of being volunteered – Lisa Hurley
  9. Having plans with yourself is okay – Sharon Hurley Hall