Meet James Pogson, LinkedIn’s Poet Laureate: Part 1 | E 41

Meet James Pogson, LinkedIn’s Poet Laureate: Part 1 | E 41

Episode Summary:

In this special episode, Sharon and Lisa welcome their very first guest!! James Pogson is a Black British narrative storyteller, writer, humorist, theatre producer, and LinkedIn’s Poet Laureate!! As you can imagine, he’s extremely entertaining to talk to. Join the Introvert Sisters and James as they chat about their shared Caribbean roots, the joys of West Indian parenting, writing as a career, and (of course) introversion. 

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5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “At school, my first voice was my writing.” 
  2. “As a child, I was extremely quiet.”
  3. “Parties? Nah.”
  4. “We’ve always had Black heroes.”
  5. “A lot of white people don’t realize how many white people were born and live in the Caribbean.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:35 – Sharon introduces our first ever guest, James Pogson
  • 1:32 – Lisa asks James whether or not he’s introverted
  • 4:50 – James shares how he got into writing
  • 13:42 – James reveals the inspiration behind his unique writing style
  • 24:41 – Back to his roots: James shares memories of one of his trips to St. Kitts