Michelle, Jill & Erykah: How Black Girl Magic is Helping to Get Us Through the Pandemic | TIS Ep 11

Michelle, Jill & Erykah: How Black Girl Magic is Helping to Get Us Through the Pandemic | TIS Ep. 11

Episode Summary:

Staying sane during the lockdown is a top priority (and harder than you might imagine). One way of keeping compos mentis is by turning off the news, and turning on some inspiring entertainment instead. From the Jill Scott/Erykah Badu Verzuz battle to Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary “Becoming,” the sisters discuss how seeing the sisterhood living their best lives is helping them feel more hopeful about theirs. Plus, on a more serious note: how is everybody doing on the employment front? The sisters – like so many others – are in the midst of the struggle. Sharon and Lisa talk about the harsh realities of finding or maintaining an income during the pandemic. 

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By The Numbers:

6:30 – Lisa discusses how she’s been keeping herself entertained during the quarantine.

8:23 – Recap of Erykah vs. Jill Scott Verzuz battle.

12:33 – The Verzuz effect is real. Sharon shares the numbers that prove the epic success of the “battle.”

22:34 – Sharon shares her review of the “Becoming” documentary.

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How Black Girl Magic is Helping to Get Us Through the Pandemic – Quotes:

“What I liked about (the Badu/Scott #verzuz) is that it was this moment of starting from a perspective of collaboration.”

“Sisterhood is everything.”

“It was an energy of celebration.”

“I felt like my whole aura had been healed. It felt like the world had gotten a little dose of #blackgirlmagic and healing.”

“It’s nice to see that you can do something in the spirit of giving and you can get a reward too.”

“This (verzuz) spoke to my spirit as an introvert. It was quiet, it was low-key, it was soothing, it was harmonious.”

“I was very happy that(Michelle Obama) is a black woman with a white chauffeur. She flipped around Driving Miss Daisy.”

“I love the way (Michelle Obama) balanced the needs of the office with keeping it real for the children.”

“Always look at people’s agendas. Ask yourself “Why is this person advising me in this way about this subject?”

“Don’t let other people define what is right for you.” 

“Sometimes you have to let your work speak for you.” 

“Sometimes you’re just quiet because you’re quiet.” 

“Don’t underestimate the value of the feel-good factor to your mental health.”

“Let us not, as women, give in to this energy of jealousy and intimidation.”

“You can empower, you can inspire, you can celebrate other women,”

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