When Meghan and Harry Met Oprah: Part 3_Piers Morgan & Sharon Osbourne | TIS Ep. 37

When Meghan and Harry Met Oprah: Part 3_Piers Morgan & Sharon Osbourne | TIS Ep. 37

Right on cue, as soon as “The Interview” had aired, some of the racists that walk among us (we’re looking at you, Piers Morgan) showed their entire underpinnings. Of course, once they were challenged, they proceeded to exhibit peak caucasity and flood the world in white tears. In this 3rd and final episode in our Meghan and Harry series, we examine white privilege, white fragility, racism, and why Black people are tired of dealing with all of it. Join us as we wrap up our conversation stemming from the interview of the year.
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4 Big Takeaways:

  1. That the royal family is racist is not surprising: “It’s not a surprise that there is racism in the royal family. The DNA of the British Empire is made up of racism.”
  2. The royal denial of racism is not surprising: “We are very much not a racist family.”–—the family that basically helped invent racism.
  3. The white tears are also not surprising: “Sharon Osbourne’s tearful meltdown was a masterclass in white privilege.” 
  4. That Great Britain is racist is not surprising: “People like to pretend that there is no racism in Britain; that it is post-racial, but the day to day experience of living in the UK as a Black person is the same as that of a Black person living in the US.”

7 Key Quotes: 

  1. “Black people are the experts in racism. We all have multiple Ph.Ds in racism.”
  2. “Black and brown people are still paying the price for colonialism today.”
  3. “We are tired of pale stale males trying to tell Black and brown people what is and is not racism.”
  4. “Sheryl Underwood had to hold in her reactions so that she would not be accused of being the angry Black woman.”
  5. “In the context of racism, white women’s tears are an escalation. They are a weapon.”
  6. “White parents have to start educating their children about racism from a young age. Black parents already do.”
  7. “Racism is a cancer that has to be excised from the planet.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:47 – Recap of the last two episodes in this series. 
  • 1:17 – The sisters dive into part three of their reactions (and the reactions of others) to The Interview.


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