Quarantine and chill: 5 shows to get you through the lockdown | TIS Ep. 3

Quarantine and chill: 5 shows to get you through the lockdown. | TIS Ep. 3

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Episode Summary:

Bored at home? One of the best ways to pass your “quarantime” is to binge-watch a show. Or honestly, several shows. Sharon and Lisa share some of their favorites. Plus: Even extroverts need time and space away from their quarantine crew. Lisa and Sharon share their tips for how to find some peace and stay sane. Also: why is it that some people either don’t care about social distancing or can’t seem to measure 6 feet? Listen in as the sisters vent about the non-distancers who walk (too closely) amongst us.

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By The Numbers:

:48 – How much Netflix can you watch in a given day.

1:22 – Lisa shares her list of what she’s been binge watching during quarantine.

5:21 – A guilty pleasure series you have to get into.

6:55 – Sharon shares her quarantine and chill viewing list.

7:33 – How shadeism/colorism was handled in “Self Made,” the series about Madam C.J. Walker.

13:12 – How to find or create moments of quiet when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

15:32 – Sharon talks about Barbados’ total lockdown.

20:28 – Lisa shares how she finds moments of quiet.

25:21 – In our “Just Venting” segment, Sharon talks about a pet peeve of hers.

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Quarantine and chill – Quotes:

“(Love Is Blind) is a delightful, ridiculous mess, and I loved it.”

“Sometimes you just need to lose yourself in some Netflix.”

“If you don’t hear, you will feel.”

“While the majority of people have complied (with social distancing directives), a few fools have ruined it for everyone.”

“We don’t mind quiet moments”

“The way to build up a habit is to do something that’s manageable.”

“Reading is my favorite way to give myself time and space.”

“Find a way to connect to yourself and something greater.”

“Early in the morning…the world is so quiet. You feel at peace. You can hear yourself think. You can get in touch with all those ideas that might have gone missing during the noise of the day.”

“One positive effect of the world being on lockdown is that it is a lot quieter.”

“The entire world feels like it’s on an inhale.”

“(Focus on) what can I do to benefit myself and benefit the world.”

“Anybody who cares about other people is going to observe physical distancing.”

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness.” — Khalil Gibran

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