Self-Healing Through Affirmations: Tips For Activists | TIS E. 52

Self-Healing Through Affirmations: Tips For Activists | TIS E. 52

Episode Summary:

This activism journey can be HARD, y’all! And sometimes we need something to lift us up so we can keep doing the work. In a switch from the usual format, Sharon interviews Lisa about the role of affirmations in her life as an activist, and Lisa shares some tips about how to use affirmations the right way to become a manifestation queen – or king. 

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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. On when to use affirmations: “I fall back on them especially when I sense I really am in need of some self healing, some spiritual support.”
  2. On mindset: “It’s all about helping, it’s all about educating, uplifting, expanding people’s horizons and mindset. We ideally should be moving towards being our best selves,”
  3. On resetting your subconscious: “‘I’m giving myself permission to be happy’ gives you a bit more room and sounds more realistic. And so it gets your subconscious mind actually working in your favor and working with you instead of against you.”

5 Juicy Quotes: 

  1. “Some knowledge is better than no knowledge. You might learn about this stuff and decide it’s not for you. But what if the opposite occurs, and you discover this is something that you can use?”
  2. “I’m making a positive difference. And it is helping people heal.”
  3. “I need one space where it’s just love and light and fairies and butterflies.”
  4. “As frequently as possible start them with the words “I am”, They are literally affirmative.”
  5. “Despite what people say, you can actually pour from an empty cup, but it’s just going to be a couple of drops, right? So if you really want to give abundantly you have to fill your own cup abundantly.”

By The Numbers:

  • 2:48 – Lisa shares how she got started with affirmations
  • 6:51 – Lisa talks about the growth potential of TikTok
  • 15:12 – Lisa shares practical tips on using affirmations