How To Be Social on Social Media…When You’re Anti-social: Part 1 | TIS Ep. 13

How To Be Social on Social Media…When You’re Anti-social: Part 1  | TIS Ep. 13

Episode Summary:

For introverts and others who are not naturally social, social media can be difficult to navigate. Tune in as Sharon and Lisa discuss how they make their online lives a little easier to manage—and how you can too. Plus: now that the sisters are officially doing the show on video, wardrobe has become somewhat of a source of stress. Join them as they talk about how two people who basically hate being on camera dress for the camera. It’s as funny as you might think, lol. Topics include: Is There Such A Thing As A “Formal Sweatshirt?” and What Is “Introvert Chic?” You don’t want to miss this hilarious episode. 
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By The Numbers:

2:37 – Sharon and Lisa talk about their fears around being on video, as well as how to dress appropriately for the camera (at least from the waist up, lol). 

8:08 – In the “In our World” segment, the sisters discuss how using social media can be hard for introverts.

14:31 – The girls discuss their social media personalities.

16:02 – Sharon has a “meltdown.”

18:32 – Sharon reveals whether she has ever “faked extroversion” online.

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How To Be Social on Social Media…When You’re Anti-social: Part 1 – Quotes:

“On social media you can kind of look like you’re being extroverted without fully buying into it.”

“Is there a way that introverts can exist in this very “out there” world (of social media), and still be themselves?”

“As an introvert, I have a love/hate relationship with social media.” 

“I’ll go weeks without posting anything. I’ll just be done with it.”

“I enjoy the curation process. I enjoy planning a feed and making it visually appealing.”

“I try to post as authentically as possible…If I don’t feel like posting, I don’t post.”

“There is pressure to fake extroversion on social media.

“Why would you post a horrible picture if you have a nice one?”

“It’s a visual medium. Post something visually appealing.”

“It is “social” media. So there is the expectation that you’re there because you want to connect.”

“LinkedIn and Instagram are two different things. Some people don’t know this.”

“My online personality is a little more outgoing than my natural personality. I am myself, but a slightly chattier version of myself.”

“I feel as if I have to fake extroversion every day of my life.”

“People are not obligated to interact with you and what you post.”

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