Taking Back Our Power with guest Tara Furiani | TIS Ep. 60

Episode Summary:

Season 5 starts off with a powerful and moving episode featuring our friend Tara Furiani. Tara is a mom of seven, an author, and the host of the Not Your HR Lady podcast. In this episode we delve into the story behind her podcast’s unapologetic name, the importance of showing up authentically, the need to normalize mental health, and the beauty of owning your power.

The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript click below.

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5  Big Takeaways:

  1. On being vulnerable online:  “People thought I was crying for help. And I’m not. I’m sharing emotions that I’ve either already worked through or am working through them in real time with you guys…And you know, time and time again, as I started to get more open and more vulnerable, people would say exactly what you just said, Lisa, and it’s that, oh, my gosh, I could have written this same thing.” – Tara Furiani
  2. On normalizing mental health: “Don’t you realize that the issues we’re talking about are normal human issues that we have held down for just far too long? We’re normalizing normal things, and, and mental health is one of them.” – Tara Furiani
  3. On posting organically: I don’t use any posting services. If you see [anything on] any of my social media, it is me. I am doing it by hand, right then in that moment; I don’t schedule them. I do it on a whim. if I see something that inspires me, or I feel something…I’ll put it down, and if I don’t, I won’t post anything.  – Tara Furiani
  4. On taking your power back: “[It is] so liberating to get to the stage where you say: wait, I’m not letting anyone else define me. I am taking back my power. I am deciding what works for me, and what’s right for me. That is an act of revolution, right there.” – Sharon Hurley Hall
  5. On the writing process: “I write for me. I hope and pray that somebody else catches the vibe…I hope they get the lesson. I hope they’re inspired, I hope they feel better, or reflect on themselves and do better. But primarily, I am writing for me as part of my process, because I feel that’s where it has to start.” – Lisa Hurley

5 Juicy Quotes:

  1. “I hate that for all of us, who have to subscribe to other people’s norms, norms that were never designed for any of us in the first place.” Tara Furiani
  2.  “I’m feeling something and I want to share that.” Tara Furiani
  3. “I think that’s my superpower: empathy and a real drive and vigor with a loud voice, who seems to have the ability to resonate with people.” Tara Furiani
  4. “I remember that my male sexist misogynist boss said to me, Oh, you’re not going to want to take [your maternity leave] are you? Kind of thing? That is what he said, like, if I would be some kind of lightweight, if I took my entire maternity leave.” Sharon Hurley Hall 
  5. “I hope [others] get the lesson. I hope they’re inspired, I hope they feel better, or, you know, reflect on themselves and do better. But primarily, in a lot of cases, I am writing for me as part of my process, because I feel that’s where it has to start.” Lisa Hurley

By The Numbers:

  • 0:05- Sharon introduces Tara.
  • 1:37- Tara tells us the backstory of Not The HR Lady.
  • 8:15- Tara tells us about her book, F your office snacks.
  • 15:16- The illusion of office benefits. 
  • 16:54- Being a working parent.
  • 23:55- Lisa reads Tara’s post on mental wellness. 
  • 26:07- Tara and Lisa share their struggles with mental illness. 
  • 32:15- Tara shares the ups and downs of being vulnerable online.
  • 40:36- Is Tara an introvert?
  • 44:18- We find out Tara’s super power.
  • 48:02- Tara shares some tips for introverts.