21 Things Introverts Wish People Understood | TIS Ep. 23

21 Things Introverts Wish People Understood | TIS Ep. 23

Episode Summary:

So many introverts feel misunderstood; Sharon and Lisa are no different. Join them as they hilariously list 21 things that make introverts tick. Or not tick. Plus: Introversion is just a small part of what the sisters are about. Tune in as they discuss Sharon’s anti-racism work, and how walking in her purpose helps her find the energy to do #allthethings.

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On a lighter note, Lisa shares what she’s been binge-watching on Netflix. Join the Introvert Sisters for a fun-filled, lighthearted episode!
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3 Big Takeaways:

  1. If nothing else, remember: “Text, don’t call.”
  2. Cancelled plans make us happy: “Cancelled plans is a love language.”
  3. Say ‘No’ to small talk: “Small talk is hard. It feels forced. It feels unnatural. It feels awkward.”

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5 Key Quotes: 

  1. “I’m happy being an introvert.”
  2. “Being introverted means that an excess of social interaction can drain me.”
  3. “Living (as an introvert) in an extroverted world can be stressful.”
  4. “Just because we’re quiet doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention. In fact, we’re probably paying even more attention if we’re quiet.”
  5. You have never seen joy like the joy of an introvert who suddenly finds out that plans are cancelled and they don’t have to go anywhere.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:40 – “Introverts Unite Separately” segment: From anti-racism work to Netflix guilty pleasures, the sisters share what they’ve both been up to.. 
  • 15:04 – “In Our World” segment: Sharon and Lisa talk animatedly about the 21 things they – and most introverts – wish that non-introverted people knew.