Top 10 of 2020: The Introvert Sisters

Well, it’s been a year, hasn’t it? No need to go over all the happenings – check out the last episode of season 2 for that – but we wanted to share the episodes you loved most in 2020. (And if you’re new to the podcast, here’s your chance to catch up.)

1. Corona Chronicles: Is Social Distancing Easier for Introverts? | E 1

Our launch episode dealt with the topic that was on all our minds – the coronavirus, still pretty new to us at that stage. We look at some of the new things we had to get accustomed to like social distancing, more frantic cleaning, and, uhh, toilet paper hoarding.

2. Why Introverts Love Working Remotely and Don’t Miss The Office | E 18

As we said many times through the year, working from home works for us as introverts. Learn why in this episode (plus we talk about shedding those pandemic pounds).

3. Want to Start a Podcast? Learn From Our Mistakes. | E15

Though this episode isn’t our personal favorite, you enjoyed this rundown of our pandemic project, and our tips for those of you thinking of launching a podcast yourselves. Plus we look at the technical difficulties of the remote lifestyle.

4. Corona Chronicles: Working From Home? Get 10 Tips for How To Deal | E2

Again, working from home is our thing, and I (Sharon) have been doing it for a while. We talk about how to make it work for you in this episode.

5. How To Be Social on Social Media When You’re Anti-social: Part 2 | E14

We’re still mystified about why the second part of our exploration of social media is so much more popular than the first, but there you have it. Listen to find out how we introverts can thrive online while remaining firmly antisocial.

6. Are Introversion and Shyness the Same Thing? | E12

Words matter, especially to us as writers, so we get down in the weeds about the difference between introversion and shyness – and yes, there IS a difference.

7. Quarantine and Chill: 5 Shows to Get You Through the Lockdown | E 3

Streaming services won big in 2020, since more people were at home. This was an early episode sharing what we’d been watching – and we vent about the people who can’t measure six feet, too!

8. Corona Chronicles: Is Toxic Positivity Making Self-isolation Hard? | E4

It can be hard ot be positive all the time, and it’s wrong to expect it in the middle of a pandemic. We talk about why it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, what to do about toxic positivity (hint: don’t let it ruin your life), and how to make life more manageable.

9. Don’t be a Lazy Anti-Racist: Stop Performing Allyship and #Dothework. | E 16

After George Floyd’s murder, antiracism became a bigger part of our online activity, and that included the podcast. We talk about those changes in this episode, as well as why it’s important to fill your own cup while doing this work.

10. The 5 Love Languages of Introverts | E 20

What makes introverts happy? Aside from cancelled plans – yes, we went there – there are a bunch of other things. We each share our top five in this episode.

Well, that’s it for now. As discussed in the last episode of season 2, next year, we’ll be back with a new schedule, starting in mid-January. Thank you for listening, and happy holidays!

– Sharon and Lisa (The Introvert Sisters)