Two Tired Introverts Reclaim Their Time | TIS Ep. 48

Two Tired Introverts Reclaim Their Time | TIS Ep. 48

Episode summary:

Whew! It’s been a year, y’all, and The Introvert Sisters are definitely feeling the need for some R&R. In their season 3 finale, the sisters explain some of the reasons why they’re tired, how they’ve ALREADY started to claw back some time, how they’re planning for introvert self-care during the upcoming holidays, and how you can connect with them until season 4 drops in January 2022.

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5 Big Takeaways:

  1. On rest: “We are human. We need rest.”
  2. On emotional tolls: “Being censored is emotionally distressing. And having to push back against it takes time, emotion, and energy.”
  3. On time management: “Arrive late and leave early.”
  4. On saying no: “Say no. Refuse. Decline.”
  5. On doing you: “Have a Happy Holiday in the way that you want to have a Happy Holiday.”

9 Juicy Quotes: 

  1. “The holidays can be a dangerous and difficult time for introverts.”
  2. “Avoid hosting if you need to maintain your me-space.”
  3. “Invite people out. You build the bonds of friendship, and then retreat back to your cave.”
  4. “Don’t be afraid to say no to a social engagement.”
  5.  Say: “I won’t be able to make it.” No explanation required.
  6. “We often think that we have to give explanations for turning down social engagements, but we are allowed to not go to places. Simply politely decline. We don’t have to come up with an excuse.”
  7. “People who truly care for you will honor your no.”
  8.  “If you are on the receiving end of somebody’s “No.”, please receive their no without pushing back.”
  9. “Introverts get drained by social occasions. Leaving early is the best way to avoid a meltdown.”

By The Numbers:

  • 0:52 – The sisters skip their usual Introverts Uniting Separately segment, and jump straight into discussing how the season finale that almost wasn’t came to be.
  • 1:36 – Sharon and Lisa talk about the importance of prioritizing self-care.
  • 2:00 – Why the girls are so tired.  
  • 11:37 – How to navigate the holiday season.